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Most people want to know what it was like to live at the mansion.  Well, quite simply it was great.  The house had a game room, indoor pool and gym, bowling ally, underwater bar, ballroom, 24/7 chef service, limo service and maid and butler service.  This of course is just the Chicago mansion.  Hef's house in California is spectacular and has a menagerie of exotic animals as well.  We certainly didn't have to make our beds or do the dishes. People often want to know which celebrities stayed at the house.  "Did the Rolling Stones really stay there when they were on tour?" It's easier to remember who didn't come to the mansion, because so many celebrities did.  Hef was, and is famous for his parties, and there were plenty of them.  Life at Hef's was as wild as each girl's individual taste dictated and a treasured memory for this Bunny.

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Sweet Home Chicago                                          Home away from home


best_grotto.jpg (149595 bytes)       
If these Grotto walls could talk............       

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lunch menu.jpg (37808 bytes) A menu of the days specials,
               but you could order anything you desired

I was t

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