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           jerry lee lewis.jpg (126232 bytes)     karen christy.jpg (23580 bytes)      bunny barb 50.jpg (95849 bytes)

             Jerry Lee Lewis, Sharon, Susan,       Karen Christy               Bunny Barb 
                     Kathy, and Maynell


                      cesar_romero_and_joy.jpg (14559 bytes)                 bunny_karen_cristy.jpg (600589 bytes)            cheryl dick joyce.jpg (125057 bytes)       

              Cesar Romero  & Joy               Karen, Christy           Cheryl, Dick Butkus, Joyce                

                        bunny tails moving.jpg (126854 bytes)         patti_a.jpg50.jpg (30110 bytes)        dory h.jpg (50015 bytes)

                      vVannessa and Sharon                Patti Allison                       Dori Halimar

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wpe14.jpg (83107 bytes)wpe17.jpg (43697 bytes)

wpe19.jpg (85998 bytes)

        Bunny Paige Detroit 1965

Bunny Paige Detroit 1965

Bunny Joey NYC club 1976-1983

 bunny jackie.jpg (30830 bytes)       

Bunny Jackie talking to the Press


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