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Blast from the Past

Back in the day, when we weren't on promotions or personal appearances, we worked at the clubs.  Some of us worked the Playmate Bar, Living Room, or VIP room.  Some of us were door bunnies, camera bunnies, gift shop and coat check bunnies or my personal favorite, pool playing bunnies.  The heels were 3-4 inches and the costumes were individually fitted to each girl's body.

anne ruby michelle willie.jpg (32996 bytes)

The_bolshie_bunnies.jpg (35757 bytes)


Cindy Russell Fossen

 Sharon, Patti, Laura

anne mitchell resized.jpg (15763 bytes)

Bunny Dorie.jpg (68830 bytes)

bunny grace sized.jpg (28532 bytes)

  Bunny Annebu    

     Bunny DorieB

Bunny Grace

wpeF.jpg (38270 bytes)

Bunny Carmen& Sammy d.jpg (26051 bytes)

wpe3.jpg (20517 bytes)

Bunny Leah

Bunny Carmen & Sammy Davis Jr.

Bunny Candy

cheryl p boy.jpeg (57214 bytes)

wpe11.jpg (36373 bytes)

nanci and jackie in dressing room.jpg (739807 bytes)

B                       UNNY ChBunny Cheryll

Bunny Angie

 Jackie & Nanci

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